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10 NJ Universities Join Forces, Want Students to Return to State for Higher Education

"It’s time to think about coming home," the presidents of the participating colleges and universities wrote in a joint statement.

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University of Akron to eliminate six of 11 colleges as part of cost-saving measures due to coronavirus pandemic

The University of Akron plans to eliminate six of its 11 colleges as part of its plan to offset an estimated $65 to $70 million in losses incurred due to the coronavirus crisis.



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Creating Connections Online

This crisis is not a short-term blip on the radar. It is a new reality that will endure for months. How we respond as educators will demonstrate our ability to be nimble, problem solvers that are essential to the future of our institutions. We don't know if students will be able to return to physical campuses in the Fall. The economic reality of refunds, extra expenses, hits on enrollment, and state-wide budgetary realities may necessitate budgetary cuts in the near future. Remain MORE THAN RELEVANT, as you move forward. Be transformative as you create connections in online learning communities and you will ensure student success and solidify your role as a campus leader.

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